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Learn about the individual components that make up the EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation system and SmartClip™ technology. 

EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation is Here

The EnVisio Surgical Navigation system utilizes state-of-the-art materials together with an advanced algorithm to precisely locate the SmartClip™ and the Navigator. The absolute location is determined by continuously and simultaneously processing over 100 data streams – delivering Real-Time analytics. Differentiated SmartClips can be used to manage multifocal disease, further enabling an oncoplastic approach to minimize aesthetic defects. Transform your traditional electrocautery device to a high-tech surgical instrument that enables pinpoint navigation inside the body, with no additional imaging.

Through EnVisio Surgical Navigation and SmartClip marker technology, Elucent helps physicians precisely locate as many as three markers in an operating environment using a versatile tool attachment, advancing the tools physicians use every day, into a high-tech precision solution enabling physicians with the Power of Precision.

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EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation Cart


NavSlim streamlines navigation integration. This lightweight localization and navigation device attaches to the electrosurgical tool that provides clinicians comfort with convenience for the fine movements required for minimally invasive tumor excision. NavSlim expands integration with the majority of electrocautery tools including smoke-evacuation models.

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NavPencil brings a high-tech screen that mimics the monitor displaying the precision navigation in the surgical sightline.

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NavPencil navigation device


The tiny SmartClip (1.4mm x 8mm) emits a differentiated electromagnetic signature providing precise coordinates in three planes; Medial/Lateral, Superior/Inferior, Anterior/Posterior (X, Y, Z). In the case of bracketing, or multifocal disease, SmartClips are not limited by proximity to one another, enabling simple to complex anatomical localizations. Should surgery be unnecessary, the SmartClip is safe to permanently remain in the patient. 

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The 15-gauge SmartClip™ deployment device uses single-motion, tactile (click), unlock-and-slide deployment to insert the SmartClip in the soft tissue percutaneously. The echogenic introducer tip is positioned at the center of the desired location for precise SmartClip placement.

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