Transforming breast conserving surgery through precise surgical navigation

Transforming Breast Conserving Surgery

Through Precise Surgical Navigation


Elucent Medical is pioneering a wireless SmartClip™ and EnVisio™ detection system that allows a physician to mark breast abnormalities at time of biopsy, eliminating “wire or radiation seed localization” procedure.  This technology will enable surgeons  to identify the SmartClip™ and plan the best pathway for complete surgical excision of cancerous tissue.


A Bright Alternative when facing a breast abnormality.  At Elucent Medical, we start with a simple premise: “our devices need to improve clinical care.”   With a grain of rice size SmartClip™, placed at time of biopsy, we will be able to guide surgeons to the suspicious or cancerous lesion. Simply stated, we are bringing a modern device to market for a changing healthcare environment.