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Learn how physicians are using EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation to improve outcomes for a variety of patient cases.

Precise Location and Navigation

“The EnVisio navigation system is a step up from other technologies on the market for localization of tumors because it shows the tumor relative to the detector in three dimensions on a screen, making it easier for the surgeon to assess where the tumor is and how best to resect it.”

— Richard J. Bleicher, MD, FACS, Department of Surgical Oncology, Fox Chase.

How Surgical Navigation Works

The EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation system enables clinicians to transition into Real-Time intraoperative localization, paired with integrated navigation.

Before the day of surgery, a tiny SmartClip™ marker is implanted exactly where the target tissue is to be removed. The wireless SmartClip contains a unique electromagnetic signature that communicates only with the EnVisio Surgical Navigation system at the time of surgery.

Depth, Distance, and Direction are triangulated between the EnVisio Navigator, and the tumor position relative to the SmartClip(s) location and displayed. Real-Time navigation provides clinically relevant information for complete target tissue (target plus margin) excision.

Navigator cutout version


The EnVisio™ Navigator attaches to the electrosurgical tool advancing what physicians already use, into a high-tech precision single-use device. The precise Depth, Distance, and Direction are displayed to the SmartClip™ marker location.


This 15-gauge device uses single-motion, tactile (click), unlock-and-slide deployment to insert the SmartClip in the soft tissue percutaneously.

A tiny location marker (1.4mm x 8mm) FDA-cleared to remain permanently, should surgery be unnecessary. SmartClip is…

  • Latex-free, non-radioactive
  • No nickel (safe for nickel-allergic patients)
  • Secure and private—no identification to track patients outside surgery
  • No interference with other medical devices or electronics
  • Activates only when patient is on the operating table and Navigation System is powered on.
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