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Learn how the EnVisio™ Surgical Navigation system and SmartClip™ technology are revolutionizing medical procedures such as breast cancer surgery and others.

The Patient Journey

“My Surgeon, Dr. Henkel, used an innovative technology to guide to precise area…….it all went so smoothly…I was getting the best, I was getting cutting edge”

– Cheryl Hintze (breast cancer survivor)

Navigating the Patient Journey

Patients begin by having a SmartClip™ marker implanted using image guidance, generally in radiology. The procedure is quick and can happen at any time before surgery. On the day of surgery, patients can arrive closer to their time of surgery, eliminating long patient waits. Once the patient is placed on the operating table, the SmartClip is activated through the electromagnetic field of the EnVisio™ Patient Pad, providing the surgery team “GPS-like” surgical guidance to locate, plan and remove the SmartClip(s) along with surrounding tissue (target plus margin of health tissue). Should surgery be unnecessary, the SmartClip is FDA-cleared to remain permanently in the patient.

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